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Pampering Manicures

In Good Hands


Pamper yourself with an exclusive manicure. After a soothing peel, warming hand bath and mask, we’ll then file and polish your nails and treat your cuticles. Next, your hands are massaged with a nourishing cream to leave your skin feeling velvety soft.


without polish60 Min.CHF 75.00
with polish70 Min.CHF 85.00



Short Spa Manicures

A Quick Polish


Treat your hands to a short manicure. After a hand bath, cuticle treatments and nail filing, your fingers will look attractive and well cared-for in no time at all.


without polish35 Min.CHF 45.00
with polish45 Min.CHF 55.00



Pampering Pedicures

Your Best Foot Forward


Bring tired feet back to life with a pleasantly warm footbath and peel.
We’ll then remove rough skin, make your nails shine and pamper you with a foot massage.


without polish60 Min.CHF 80.00
with polish75 Min.CHF 90.00



Paraffin Footbath

Hand & Foot Packages


Soothing warmth and suppleness for your feet. With a paraffin bath, your hands and/or feet are repeatedly dipped in a pleasantly warm paraffin wax until a thin layer of wax has formed over the skin, completely coating your hands or feet. By wrapping the hands/feet in foil and wearing terry cloth shoes, the thermal effect of the paraffin bath lasts longer. The pores of the skin open up and moisture escapes. However, the wax blocks the moisture from escaping, ensuring it returns directly back into the skin.
This effect keeps the skin of your hands or feet supple for a long time. Helpful for arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation, sports injuries,
joint stiffening, dry and chapped hands and feet.


hands25 Min.CHF 35.00
feets25 Min.CHF 35.00
hands and feets45 Min.CHF 65.00


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