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Let off steam. With plenty of steam.

Sauna facilities

Leave everyday worries behind in the steam bath or sauna in Lenzerheide. Do nothing and still sweat.

Cool off in the ice igloo and recharge in the relaxation room. Time is irrelevant here.

Finnish sauna

The temperature in the Finnish sauna is about 95°C with

5-10% humidity. This sauna type has a detoxifying and strengthening effect and positively influences the

cardiovascular system.

Organic sauna

The organic sauna is gentle on your circulation. Due to the rather low temperatures of up to 50°C and about 50% humidity, it is particularly suitable for sauna novices, but also for longer sauna sessions of up to 30 minutes. In comparison to the Finnish sauna, the organic sauna is often referred to as the “light sauna”. This gentle type of sauna is also called “sanarium”.

Herbal steam bath

The herbal steam bath has a temperature of about 42°C with 100% humidity. The steam is enriched with essential oils. The herbal steam bath is ideal for your respiratory organs and especially for respiratory diseases. The steam bath nurtures, soothes, and tautens the skin while also detoxifying.

Classic steam bath

A steam bath is particularly suitable for people who appreciate a pleasant temperature around 50°C and prefer high humidity. Especially during the colder seasons, a steam bath is great to protect your body from a wave of the flu and to strengthen the immune system.

Ice igloo

A perfect cool down after a visit to the sauna. The temperature is -8°C.

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