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The skin is our largest sensory organ and its health is important for the whole body. A body peel is a very effective remedy that produces big results. By removing the dead skin cells on the surface, the skin is left free to breathe again and blood circulation to the skin is stimulated. This results in tender, even skin.


Choose your fragrance of choice


Orange PeelVitalising orange blossom and a fine sugar and oil mixture
Herbal PeelMountain herbs blended with a fine salt and oil mixture
Sea Salt PeelFreshness from the Atlantic, with nurturing oil
Rose PeelScented with rose petals and a fine sugar and oil mixture


each body peel

approx. 25 MIN.       CHF 35.00





A body wrap moisturises your skin, activates the lymphatic system and flushes out toxins from the body.


Choose your fragrance of choice


Mud Bath PackageHighly effective for joint and muscle tension
Algae PackagePrecious treasure from the sea produces a purifying
and tightening effect
Salt Brine PackageEffective in cases of psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema and rashes
Cream PackageBody wrap – moisturising, revitalizing, relaxing


each package

approx. 25 MIN.       CHF 35.00




combination of body peel & package


approx. 50 MIN.       CHF 70.00




Lather peeling


During a lather peeling, you lie on a heated massage bench with mildly scented soapsuds. The rising heat relaxes your muscles. Soothing sounds accompany you into the world of well-being. Enjoy the cleansing and nurturing of your skin. Covered by soap foam, we will remove skin scales and impurities with a cloth glove (kese).


Approx. 20 MIN.       CHF 60.00


With head & facial massage


Duration50 Min.CHF 95.00


with full body massage


Duration80 Min.CHF 145.00

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Admission prices per person. Admission includes towels, bath robes, slippers, fruit, and tea

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