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Rasul bath

Pamper your skin with a Rasul bath (steam bath). Pleasant warmth and relatively low humidity allow the healing earth to dry quickly. Shots of steam rise and spread a pleasant herbal scent throughout the room. The humidity increases, the healing earth becomes moist again, and your skin experiences a pleasant tingling sensation. You automatically start rubbing and further support the mud peeling. Crusty cream remainders and dead cells are removed. Your metabolism is stimulated, the skin improves in excreting toxins and impurities. Afterwards, the earth is washed off with a pleasantly gentle and warm tropical rain. Your skin feels smoother as a result of the intensive exfoliation and becomes better at renewing itself.

After the Rasul bath, your skin will be dry and freed from toxins, so it needs an oil treatment. We recommend a relaxing aromatic oil massage or a full-body oil treatment with jojoba oil.

Prices for Rasul baths

Without massage

1 person 30 min.

CHF 60.00

2 people 30 min.

CHF 110.00

With massage

With 20 min. full-body treatment, total duration 45 min.

CHF 110.00

With 50 min. aromatic oil massage, total duration 80 min.

CHF 150.00

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    Admission prices per person. Admission includes towels, bath robes, slippers, fruit, and tea

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