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Full Body massages


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Moments of Enjoyment

Classic massage


A soothing full body massage for the legs, arms, back and neck. Releasing blockages and tension.


45 MIN.       CHF 110.00


Sports massage


The sports massage is a supplement to the classic massage.

A sports massage reduces the recovery time of the body after a training session and prevents muscle soreness. Cramps that may develop during exercise can be treated with stretch grips. Regular massages can loosen connective tissue and hardening in the muscles. After exercise, the massage is regenerative and relaxing. Before exercising, the body is prepared to maximize performance.


45 MIN.       CHF 135.00


Essential oil massage


Treat yourself to a full body massage with essential oils. The wonderful fragrances, the warm oils on your skin and the gentle motions of the massage promote a particularly beneficial relaxation of mind, body and soul. The basic oil used for the massage is enriched with essential oils and specially adjusted to meet your needs. For example, you can choose between a relaxing or a stimulating effect from your treatment.


45 MIN.       CHF 120.00





The goal is to relax the muscles with heat. The warm stones open up the blockages and thus facilitate the flow of energy in your body. Enjoy a soothing massage with warm lava stones.


whole backside

45 MIN.       CHF 120.00


whole body

75 MIN.       CHF 150.00



Lymph drainagE


This manual full body massage gently boosts lymph flow and supports the immune system.


45 MIN.       CHF 110.00




relaxing hawaiian massage


The Lomi Lomi Nui (Nui means “big”) offered here focuses on relaxation. Guests particularly appreciate its stress relieving effect.
Going a long way beyond loosening the muscles,

Lomi Lomi Nui addresses the whole person,
releases innermost blockages and embraces
the soul naturally and gently. The massage is done with fragrant nourishing oil, largely with the lower arms with long, deep strokes. Hawaiian music accompanies the massage.


whole backside

45 MIN.       CHF 120.00


whole body

80 MIN.       CHF 170.00

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