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partial body massages



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classic partial body massage


Classic partial body massage to loosen up the back, shoulders, neck or legs.


20 MIN.       CHF 60.00



reflexology foot massage


Activates individual foot reflex zones to relax your feet and enhance overall wellbeing.
(not suitable during pregnancy)


20 MIN.       CHF 60.00

50 MIN.       CHF 110.00



combination dual massage


Enjoy a combination of back massage + reflexology foot massage, or back + head massage.


50 MIN.       CHF 110.00



facial lymph drainage


Gentle decongestion and increase of lymph flow in the face.


20 MIN.       CHF 60.00



head massage


Let your mind wander with a soothing head massage.


20 MIN.       CHF 60.00



facial massage


Deep rest and relaxation – sit back and enjoy.


20 MIN.       CHF 60.00

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Admission prices per person. Admission includes towels, bath robes, slippers, fruit, and tea

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